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First, book the Premiere Palace Ballroom. Send an Email to
Or leave a message at 901.725.5625.

Second, hire our friendly bartenders and/or servers, and hire your entertainment.

Third, complete and print the Checklist below to use for your planning! 

Three weeks before the party: kidstable.jpg (17020 bytes)


  1. Select occasion for party:
  2. Select theme and staging:
  3. Create Guest list.
  4. Send invitations.
  5. Date of Party:____________________
  6. Time (starting, ending):_____________________
  7. Place:__________________________
  8. Plan and select decorations
  9. Begin collecting materials and creating props.
  10. Prepare menu and grocery list.
  11. Select and hire caterer/serving help (if needed).
A few days before the party: guyeating.jpg (15748 bytes)
  1. Call any guests who have not responded
  2. Buy groceries and beverages.
  3. Prepare and freeze/refrigerate food items that can be made in advance.
  4. Make party costume or select outfit.
One day before the party:  

prempal.jpg (11952 bytes)


  1. Clean house, party room facility, or office party site.
  2. Set up and arrange party room
  3. Thaw frozen party foods.
  4. Get out serving pieces.
  5. Coordinate last-minute arrangements with caterer, servers.
The day of the party:
  1. Decorate party room.
  2. Prepare and arrange remaining food.
  3. Coordinate set-up, service, cleanup with hired helpers.
  4. Mentally "travel through" party
  5. Dress in party outfit.
  6. Await arrival of first guest.

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